Meet the LABxS!

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In August 2017, the Procomum Institute celebrated with the Associação Prato de Sopa Monsenhor Moreira a lending agreement involving the five-year lease of the property at Sete de Setembro street, in the city center of Santos, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

The space has more than 1200 square meters, distributed in numerous rooms and sheds, which will be used to stimulate citizen innovation, free culture and communal activities in the region. The idea is to host and promote workshops, free courses, celebrations and residences joining various areas of knowledge and be a space for meetings, experiments, collaboration and sharing ways of living together.

The occupation of the space is gradually taking place; will happen in stages and modules and in a collaborative way with the people living in the surrounding neighborhoods, with the LAB networks and our partners from other cities and countries. The idea is to have a strategic plan for the space by the end of 2017 for the use of the property and a technical project of reform that is slowly starting already.

In this building worked for more than 70 years the social organization Prato de Sopa, which offered the low income population a series of social services, mainly food and health.

Our call is for you to come together with us to build this story:

  • if you are an architect or urban planner or would just like to send intervention ideas so that space ethically and aesthetically translates the spirit of a cultural center focused on the commons;
  • if you are an artist, a doer, a curious and want to think of some project in here;
  • if you would like to financially support the lab or some specific project;
  • if you are a meddler and would like to send your opinions;
  • if you are part of a lab and want to share your mistakes and learnings;
  • if you just want to talk to us

send us an email 🙂

[email protected]


Learn more about LABxS:

LABxS (Lab Santista) began to be conceived in a residence of citizen innovation organized by MediaLab-Prado and by the Ibero-American General Secretariat in Madrid in 2015. After that, it was elaborated through an open process that lead to the event LAB.IRINTO – International Meeting on Free Culture and Citizen Innovation. We started from three questions: does Baixada Santista need a Citizen’s Laboratory? If so, what should this laboratory be like? To whom should it be? The first step was to meet the local “doers” and invite them to join in on this adventure.
Mapping the local projects, the second step was to connect them to Brazilian and international experiences. In June 2016, a collaborative meeting took place with the participation of representatives from all regions of the country, from South America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Project conceived, financing obtained, in the second half of 2016 LABxS is born, aiming to be a platform to strengthen this network both locally and globally. In 2017, the laboratory carried out numerous activities, such as training circles and the Circuit LABxS 2017, a public call that included the development of 13 projects in five cities, nine of them female promoters, five of them afrodescendants. And the story continues …


For us LABxS is:

– a collaborative network of people, initiatives and infrastructures that are articulated to produce, from the ground up, innovative solutions to improve the common life of the inhabitants of a given territory;

– a platform to foster creativity and cultural, scientific and knowledge production, essential elements for the development of any city, region, state or country today.

– an institution that proposes to be a common good, because it is structured from its users, who self-govern it. That is why it is characterized by openness, horizontality, accessibility and by promoting collaboration and inclusion;

– an environment of articulation of people with different ideas and backgrounds around common issues and projects, realizing the much-desired interdisciplinarity, much advocated and sought but not always easy to promote.

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